I'm in a Better Place Now

by Shinpainai

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Here's from me to you.

Written/recorded during August-December 2014 & January 2015.


released March 26, 2015



all rights reserved


Shinpainai Wailuku, Hawaii

"reminds me of some crazy fuzzed out angry weezer/beach boys hybrid"
-Some dude on
the internet

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Track Name: Here, Anywhere
I promised you a new son
but I brought you back the new moon
I thought you would have liked it
We could stare at it 'till noon
or maybe 3, or maybe 5
or maybe whatever time you like
We could pick the lemon tree before it's ripe

I promised you an autumn's branch
and the snow beneath my footprint
but I’ve never climbed a tree before
and winter's fall has melted
Oh you called me
a million things
but I never called you once
and I never say what I really mean

I'm not feeling the way I should

I thought I knew my shoe size
but first I need to learn to crawl
I thought that I knew my own strength
if only I had strength at all

I'm not feeling the way I could

I was gonna make you proud
Track Name: First Impressions
I will forget your name
I won't recall your face
because you look the same
as the one or two or three or four others

You tried to lead me by hand
I think you had this all planned
and though I'm bigger than you
I'll be sure that you forget who I am

But there's a lot of things that I can't do
and there's a lot of things you can't do too
I'd ask you for a hand
but people are temporary
I'd only be as frustrated as you are right now

I can't be left alone
I can't fill in my throne by myself
but I can't be left with you
I can't heat up your cool

Why am I my only friend
why am I my only enema
I've marked you as a trend
and I've marked you as an enemy
What the hell is wrong with me

And I will leave you behind
There's first impressions, and then there’s me

I only hurt myself
I hurt only myself
Track Name: Spinning
Everybody that I know is beautiful
Oh trust me
that's something I believe sincerely

Everybody that I know is so special
and it's like
no one else can see it except for me

When I asked what you were doing you said you had your heels up
as if to click them thrice and disappear from me
I thought I could carry you up on my shoulders 
to show you what your feet could never dare to see

but now that I'm seeing you instead of just feeling you
I realize your toes had never touched the ground
You said you wanted new perspectives
that's what everybody lives for
but nothing that's worth anything is free

I saw you in the clouds that day
and you told me you were spinning
you told me vertigo is just a state of mind

What did you mean that day
I suppose if I ever see you on another
somehow someway
I'll have to ask.

You move so naturally

Everybody that I see amazes me
and I realize 
there’s still a world outside of what I see

Everybody that I meet looks so happy
so where does that leave me

I hope I meet you again
Track Name: There's Nothing Left Here for Me
I flew back home the other day
I thought of all the right words I could say to my family
When I was through, they all said “good for you”
and there went a whole thirty seconds right out of my day

The sun in the sky looks awfully familiar
I remember it’s glow even though I haven’t been here in a while
Then it came to me: the sun I see
is the same one that I saw when I left this place long ago

the people I see
look the same as they did years ago

I flew back home the other day
I thought of all the right ways I could look at you
But in every city I saw so much prettier
even though nothing has changed in a while

lost in the pavement (what a shame)
of a sidewalk I have walked on before

Now that I’m finally so near
it’s easy to see so clearly:
there’s nothing left here for me anymore
Track Name: I've Forgotten Your Address
I've forgotten your address
and I couldn't help but ask myself
why I’ve forgotten your address

and I couldn't help but laugh at myself
I've forgotten your address

and I couldn't help but smile because
I've forgotten where you are